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Bob graduated from Leicester Polytechnic in the UK with a degree in Electronics Engineering in 1975 and began his career working on advanced radar equipment for GEC-Marconi. Since then he has gained extensive experience in electronics design and real-time software across a range of applications, from office machines to telecommunications equipment.
In 2011 Bob brought his product design skills to OXIS Energy to take Lithium-Sulfur batteries out of the lab and into real applications. He now manages the team responsible for creating practical Li-S batteries, both in-house and through battery integration partners. Bob was responsible for the development of the first electric bicycle battery to use Lithium-Sulfur cells and went on to manage the construction of a 7.5kWh battery system for a light electric vehicle – the world’s largest Lithium-Sulfur battery. He has detailed understanding of the behaviour of Li-S cells when incorporated into systems and is an expert in the integration of Li-S cells and battery management systems.

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  1. Lithium-Sulfur – Next Generation Battery Technology — October 1, 2014

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Lithium-Sulfur – Next Generation Battery Technology

OXIS Energy is the world leader in the development of Lithium-Sulfur cell technology. OXIS high-energy, rechargeable Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) batteries are the next generation in energy storage devices for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage and defence applications. This game changing chemistry has a theoretical energy density five times that of Li-Ion technologies and commercial-size pouch cells …

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