WG1: In situ battery setup at DANMAX

Dear all, As agreed during the workgroup session at the DBS annual meeting we will have a meeting within the “in situ PXD battery cell”-workgroup (WG1) to discuss the operando battery setup to be implemented at DANMAX, MAXIV and also how to realize the construction. The meeting will be at SDU on the 15th of …

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WG3: Distributed energy storages and their role in the future energy system

PlanEnergi would like to invite you to an international workshop with the title: What role should energy storage on building and neighborhood level play in the future energy system?   At the workshop, Danish and international experts in the field will present their views on the role of small-scale energy storages in the energy system …

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Working Group 2: Minutes from the annual DBS meeting

At this year’s annual symposium in DBS, we had the pleasure of inviting Dr. Peter Axmann from ZSW, Germany. Dr. Axmann is an expert on cathode materials in alkaline and lithium-ion batteries and has extensive knowledge of the assembly and characterisation of these battery systems. Daniel started this year’s workgroup session with a short summary of …

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Highlights from Danish Battery Symposium 2017

The 2017 symposium in the Danish Battery Society was hosted by Dorthe Ravnsbæk and her group at the University of Southern Denmark in a comfortable campus setting outside Odense. The ambition of this years symposium was to follow up on the working groups established last year to enable more networking and direct knowledge sharing. After a short but …

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Batteries, Super Capacitors, Fuel Cells & EV`s Seminar

UL and  Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd. are hosting a two-day seminar on May 3-4, 2017 at UL International Demko A/S, Borupvang 5A, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark The seminar program focuses on present and future needs of portable and stationary electrochemical energy sources and highlights the latest technological developments designed to satisfy application requirements. The program reviews …

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Chairman’s Report

See link to pdf Chairman’s report 2017. General Assembly Odense, March 6th, 2017   Constitution of the new board After the General Assembly in 2016 the first task was the constitution of the new elected board. We all agreed that our focus should be on driving activities for the members, and we therefore organised the board …

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A few pictures from DBS 2017

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In operando observation of sodium ion diffusion in a layered sodium transition metal oxide cathode material, P2 NaxCo0.7Mn0.3O2

In operando powder X-ray diffraction data reveals an unexpected structural evolution in a layered P2 type NaxCo0.7Mn0.3O2 material during cycling.

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Accommodating High Transformation Strains in Battery Electrodes via the Formation of Nanoscale Intermediate Phases

Virtually all intercalation compounds exhibit significant changes in unit cell volume as the working ion concentration varies. Using synchrotron radiation powder X-ray diffraction (PXD) and pair distribution function (PDF) analysis, we discover a new strain-accommodation mechanism.

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PhD course: Storage Systems based on Li-Ion Batteries for Grid Support and Automotive Applications

AAU is once again inviting PhD students and other interested people to join their PhD course on storage systems based on Li-ion batteries for grid support and automotive applications. Time: 24-27 October, 2017 Place: Aalborg University, Pontoppidanstræde 111 The importance of the li-ion batteries is booming and after dominating portable electronics applications, they are entering into …

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